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This appliance is a real all-rounder in the kitchen, combining the functions of a regular microwave, a

convection oven or grill, and a steam oven. You can use this appliance for pretty much any style of

cooking, allowing you to grill, roast, bake, steam or microwave your food.

Looking at this stylish and modern appliance, we see its sophisticated electronic control panel and

LCD display, where you can select from a range of cooking modes and programs.

This microwave allows you to automatically reheat your food to a desired temperature, using the

microwave or steam settings.

There is also an Auto-Cook menu for the straightforward preparation of 22 different recipes, without

the guesswork. This menu is also where you’ll find the appliance’s three cleaning functions, for

cleaning the cavity, removing odours, and cleaning the evaporating flume.

You can use the electronic controls to select your cooking mode, whether you’re using microwave

power, steam cooking, convection grilling, or a combination of different styles, to better suit your


The central dial allows you to intuitively set the time, weight or temperature of your cooking, and a

More/Less button also lets you make small adjustments to your cooking time.

Looking inside the microwave, we see that the unit has a pull-down door much like an oven, and

there’s no turntable inside. Don’t worry, it’s not missing a part – Panasonic’s flatbed inverter

technology allows you to enjoy perfectly even microwave heating throughout the cavity, without

having to turn the food.

Inside the cavity, you can see there are runners where you can place the wire racks and trays that

come included with this appliance. This lets you make more efficient use of the appliance to bake

quiches or heat mini-pizzas.

Underneath the front door, we have the water tank, which lets you use the steam functions of this appliance.

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